Park Gye-hoon | ڰ

۾ Ѵ. â ܿ ޻ . ۾ Ѵ. ٶ󺸴, õ , ٴڿ ߱, ɸ , װκ Ÿ.
۾ ε巯 ݺ Եȴ. ð ð ɰ ð ð Ű ð ⸦ ݺϴ Եȴ.
6 ﺣ ٴϿ ᳪ ִ. ȭ ﺣ μ ᳪ Ӹ Ȧġ ﺣ 鼭 Ȧļ Ѹ . ﺣ õ ̾ ȦġǷ ٴö ʴ´. ﺣ ᳪ ۾ ݺؼ ݺ Ⱑ ٸ ո ۾ ϰ ȴ. ᳪ 忡 ִ ٲ ̴. 忡 ᳪ ϻ󼺰 ߼ پѴ ġ ȭζ ̴. 繰 ġ Ȳ ̵ Ӱ ȮŰ ſ!
1999 ﺣ ᳪ ۰ Ҿ ᳪ ִ. ̶ 繰 ᳪ Ѵ. ɰ ܺ 1 ᳪ Ӹ ٸ Ѹ (ǰ 1 ). ܺ 1 ߶ ߿ ᳪ ִٴ . ٴ ´١ ̵ ﺣ ᳪ ݺ Ƽ . ᳪ Ⱑ δ. ׿ 谨 ٸ ʴ. ᳪ 100, 500, 1000 þ 谨 Ե þ. ⸦ ٿ . 谨 ԡ ?
ᳪ ϴ ſ ƽϰ ϱ⵵ϰ ܹ ڿ Ҿ ¡ DZ⵵ Ѵ.
1cm ̿ ̵Ѵ. ᳪ Ӹ ̴. ᳪ Ӹ κ ׸ڵ ܳ.
ᳪ . ﺣ ᳪ, ᳪ ԰ ̷ ᳪ ԰ . ¦ Ӹ ġѵ ᳪ հ о ø ϡó ǰ Ȱ ִ. ̿⸦ ̶ Ѵ.
ᳪ () ġ Ź ٸ ġ ̶ . ᳪ ġ⡮ ұ.
ٴ Ѵ١, ´١, ١... ᳪ Ӿ ġŰ ִ. ð ð ð ð ð ð ٴѴ. ð Ͽ 繰 () ð ߿ ᡯ̴. ð ߰ ᳪ ĵȴ.
 · ᳪ ĵ ñϴ. ð ߰ ɰ ۿ....
My work is attended with boredom. The boredom is like a low and warm sunshine which comes through the window on a Saturday afternoon. My work is also attended by tedium. I look at the wall and the ceiling, or tumble on the floor... Unconsciously, an idea occurs to me. Then, I scribble it on paper. My work is derivedfrom a soft repetition, that of the activities of grinding, splitting, sewing and cutting time..
Since six years ago, I have been making bean sprouts by sewing hemp cloth by hand. I roll tissue paper, wrap it up in hemp cloth, make the heads of bean sprouts, and then their roots. No needle hole can be seen, since I draw grains out of hemp cloth. Whenever I make bean sprouts with hemp cloth, I would repeat the same activity like repeating the same handwriting. However, I would continue to work, fascinated by the handicraft that would always feel different. I am pleased to see the bean sprouts, ingredient of food, changed into objects which exude an air of solemnity. In the exhibition hall, bean sprouts become quiet, as if they are proposing philosophical problems as noble entities which transcendbanality and popularity. What a joy it is to move the existence worth of something to a foreign environment, and to expand it anew!
Since summer in 1999, I have been making bean sprouts with cut wooden chopsticks, along with hemp cloth. I imagine bean sprouts in petty things like wooden chopsticks. I would cut 1cm of the upper end of the wooden chopsticks to the heads of bean sprouts, and the rest to their roots (I call the work "Remarks of 1cm"). I am grateful for the fact that the uncut 1cm of wooden chopsticks enables me to make bean sprouts. 'Sewing' simply changes into 'cutting'. I repeatedly cut the wooden chopsticks, like hemp cloth. As I make the bean sprouts, I see more and more shavings. The amount of shavings matches the satisfaction I felt during cutting. The more the bean sprouts increase,the more my satisfaction increases. I would also make a scale by putting together the shavings. How much doesthe satisfaction weigh? The bean sprouts made out of wooden chopsticks are inserted into a bicycle, thus evoking an erotic fantasy. They are also inserted into its saddle, thereby symbolizing an uncertain authority.
Since the work of "Remarks of 1cm", my interest has moved to the paper cutting. I cut paper to bean sprouts heads. If one raises a cut bean sprout head, space and shadow would appear. The paper bean sprouts are weak and light. The bean sprouts made out of hemp cloth and wooden chopsticks are light, but those out of paper are much lighter. The bean sprout which raises its head a little is weak but seems to be cherishing something like a bud which raises life through frozen land. I call this paper cutting 'Weak Erection'. It seems to me that making paper bean sprouts always brings different feelings, like trimming orchids. Trimming of bean sprouts?
The chain of thinking of 'sewing', 'cutting'... makes bean sprouts grow endlessly. I grind, chew, cut and sew time. My activities are a course for approaching the truth (essence) of things by means of time. Therefore, time is an important material. The more I chew and grind time, the more my bean sprouts grow.
I wonder how my bean sprouts have grownsince "Weak Erection". I cannot help crushing time for material.....
  • Tonic / 1997 / ﺣ ٴ ź ˷̴ ֹ / 12x23cmx6pcs
  • Melancholy / 1999~2002 / ٴ ٴ / 15x27x180cm
  • 1cm / 2000~2001 / / 200x47cmx1000pcs
  • 1cm / 2000~2001 / / 21x21x27cm
  • 1cm / 2003 / / 213x150x5cm
  • 1cm / 2003 / / 200x150x160cm
  • 1cm / 2000~2001 / / 18x18x60cm
  • / 2000 / ﺣ ٴ / 12x90cm
  • -ź / 2005 / ü / 33x27x60cm
  • / 2003 / / 220x210x210cm
2002 ϴб Ϲݴп Ұ
1989 ϴб ̼
2012 White Thoughts, Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miaimi, USA
2011 White- , ,
2010 ȭ , ̽ ̼, û
2008 Ҿ , Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miaimi, USA
2007 װ , ̽ ̼, û
2005 Weak Standing, Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miaimi, USA
2003 Dream of Vegetarian, Եȭ,
2003 Albumin Orchis, Ұ,
2002 Albumin bed, ùȸ,
2001 1cm statement, 簣,
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1997 uncertain, ڿȭ,
1997 uncertain, õ, û
1996 uncertain, ,
1996 uncertain, ûֹڹ, û
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2014 4409.72miles 9125days, Diana Lowenstein Fine ts Miaimi, USA
2013 ƴ ̴-, ξƮ, û
2012 ̼, ø̼,
2011 Arte Fiera bologna, Bologna, ITALY
2010 ѱȭ Ÿ-ѱȭ ؼ, ø̼,
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2009 ûֱ񿣳, ŸƮ, û
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2008 Pulse Miami, Sohoo Studios, Miami
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2008 Art Chicaco, Chicago, MERCHANDISE MART, USA
2008 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2007 Lines in space, ⵵̼, Ȼ
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2005 Alchemy of Daily Life, ChristChurch Art Gallry, NewZeland
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2002 PACAA-space with thinking, , û
2011 ۾ƮƮII , 縳̼ȸ,
2004 ۰ ̼, û,
1999 ȭ ۰ ۰ , ȭ/ȭȸ,
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1992 ߾ӹ̼ üι , ߾Ϻ/ȣϰ,
1988 û̼ , û̼/̼ȸ,
2002 M.F.A in sculpture, Choongbuk National University, KOREA
1989 Graduated form art Education of Choongbuk National University, KOREA
Solo Exhibitions
2012 "White Thoughts", Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miaimi, USA
2011 " White- Materializing of Conscience", UM Gallery, Seoul, KOREA
2010 "Consciousness of conscience", Space Mom Museum, Cheongju, KOREA
2008 "Consciousness of conscience", Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miaimi, USA
2007 "convenint statement", Space Mom Museum, Cheongju, KOREA
2005 "Week Standing", Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miaimi, USA
2003 Dream of Vegetarian, Lotte Art Gallery, Daejeon, KOREA
2003 Albumin Orchis, Marronnier Art Center, Seoul, KOREA
2002 Albumin bed, Daejeon City Museuem, Daejeon, KOREA
2001 1cm statement, Sagan Gallery, Seoul, KOREA
2000 Ici maintenant, Gallery shin, Cheongju, KOREA
1997 Uncertain, Galerie Bhak, Seoul, KOREA
1997 Uncertain, Wolchon Gallery, Cheongju, KOREA
1996 Uncertain, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, KOREA
1996 Uncertain, Cheongju National Museum, Cheongju, KOREA
1993 Uncertain, Hakchon Gallery, Cheongju, KOREA